Milton Friedman

Sam and Emma host Lily Geismer, professor of history at Claremont McKenna College, to discuss her recent book Left Behind: The Democrats’ Failed Attempt to Solve Inequality. on the shift from New Deal democratic ideology, to the neoliberal tactic of entrusting social development in private enterprise in a pivot to the white suburbanite. Professor Geismer first discusses the […]
Sam and Emma host writer and filmmaker Rupert Russell to discuss his recent book Price Wars: How the Commodities Markets Made Our Chaotic World, on how the profits in Wall Street come from placing bets on the products most central to our society’s functioning. First, Rupert situates his studies over the past decade, originating with his work on the […]
Georgia State University Law Professor Timothy K. Kuhner author of  Capitalism v. Democracy: Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution explains the history of campaign funding scandals, economic power and political exclusion, the choice between Milton Friedman and John Rawls in Buckley Valeo, why the right wing majority on the Supreme Court treats Thomas Paine the same […]