Rick Perlstein

Why Trump’s Cabinet is a nightmare for the environment and workers and a giveaway to the Koch brothers. Journalist and historian Rick Perlstein, talks about the danger posed by the authoritarian impulse of the Trump age. Lying and authoritarians. How news needs to work when the President always lies. Steve Bannon and the lying culture. The […]
John Nichols explains what a progressive economic plan would look like and the state of the Netroots and progressive politics in 2014. Also for Members Only! from the Air America archives an interview with “Saddam Hussain” or Fred Armisen and a conversation with Rick Perlstein. Members make the Majority Report possible. Please join us by becoming a MEMBER. […]
Historian Rick Perlstein author of The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan, explains “wacky packages” and the cultural politics of the 1970s, the rights absurd plagiarism charges, the role of terrorism in left politics in the 1970s, Nixon and the beginning of elite impunity, what was good about the 1970s, the 1970s […]
On today’s show Sam and Rick Perlstein discussed the Teacher’s strike happening right now in Chicago. Rick explained how effective the Chicago Teacher’s Union has been in gaining public support, the corporate special interests funding the “education reform”
Author, historian and columnist Rick Perlstein on political maneuvering in the mid-west, Republican bullying tactics and the confusion over Democratic
Historian and journalist Rick Perlstein discusses the political roots of Mitt Romney, the enslavement of Santorum’s grandfather and today’s conservatism.  Plus,