It’s News Day Tuesday! Sam breaks down the biggest headlines of the day. First, he runs through updates on the debt ceiling talks and whether Biden will cave, reports on the moral and political corruption of Rudy Giuliani, the release of the Durham report, the US Virgin Island’s case against Elon Musk, Erdogan’s election repression, the […]
Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene (@pareene) of The New Republic and Francesca Fiorentini (@franifio), host of The Bitchuation Room podcast, to discuss the week’s top stories including the end of Biden’s bipartisanship, Democrats’ filibuster debate, and the GameStop short squeeze. On today’s show: Austin cuts police budget, uses money to buy a hotel for […]
Sam and Emma host Eric Levitz (@EricLevitz) of New York Magazine to discuss the state of the filibuster negotiations in the senate, and then Edward Ongweso Jr (@bigblackjacobin) from Vice Motherboard joins to discuss the Reddit/GameStop/Robinhood short squeeze and what comes next in the populist financial story of the year. On today’s show: Pelosi slams […]
Sam hosts Alex Pareene, staff writer at the New Republic and host of The Politics of Everything podcast, to discuss the ideological impediments of the Democratic Party in 2020. Andy Kindler joins in the Fun Half to discuss the retirement of Dennis Miller and his podcast–bapbabap. Become a member at Check out the Brand New Majority […]
Sam hosts Chryl Laird (@chryllaird), Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bowdoin College, to discuss her book Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior, which explains why African-Americans are the most unified voting bloc in American history. On today’s show: Trump attacks press and Maggie Habermann in press conference on Covid-19 progress. Chryl Laird (@chryllaird), […]
Republicans have nothing to say about Roy Moore probably being a pedophile. Cliff Schecter explains the importance of Tuesdays wins for Democrats and holding back Republicans. The most satisfying wins from Tuesday. The blue wall in the West. Why Democrats need to run in every district. Republicans are still going to support Roy Moore despite […]
Donald Trump stumbles into promising debt relief for Puerto Rico and Mick Mulvaney walks it back. Ian Millhiser, from the Center for American Progress, explains the a major redistricting decision that could overturn the Wisconsin Republican Party’s effort to gerrymander. Justice Kennedy’s tell and possibly good new in the gerrymandering case. The long term danger […]
Who to shame in the Trump Administration and why. New York Magazine’s Eric Levitz, explains why the center does not exist. Why voters are not rational. Why human beings are social and tribal and how that effects voting behavior. Why many Americans support extreme Left and Right views. Why there are no “moderate” or “centrist” […]
Stay focused on Paul Ryan and Mitch McDonnell who enable Donald Trump. Alex Jones has vital new intelligence on Donald Trump and Tim Allen. Cliff Schecter, explains the latest stages of the Donald Trump mess and why Democrats are finally pressing Republicans and feeling emboldened. Why Democrats need to make it impossible for Republicans to […]
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks talks about the resistance and what happens to the center-left in the Trump age. Opposition to Bush and Trump. Why Trump still popular with his supporters? Are Democrats fighting well?  Obama’s terrible record on the banks  and how to beat establishment Democrats. Javier Lopez, an attorney, with Kozyak Tropin […]