Democratic Debate

Sam provides live coverage of tonight’s Democratic debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. You can find the stream live on Twitch. And on Vimeo. Become a member at And subscribe to the AM Quickie here. Make the AMQ part of your Alexa Flash Briefing too! You can now watch the […]
The MR crew brings you the news! On today’s show: Bloomberg wedges in his “joke.” Bloomberg defends Xi, claims he’s not a dictator. Bernie defends past comments on Cuba and China, calls out Bloomberg’s support of Xi. Bloomberg slips, admits he bought Congress. Warren attacks Bloomberg on NDAs, treatment of female workers. Chris Matthews asks […]
On today’s show, political strategist and writer Bridget Todd (@BridgetMarie) joins us to review the Democratic debate. (7:00) The chasm in substance between the DNC and GOP debates, and how the DNC is missing an opportunity to draw the distinction with multiple debates. Hillary vs Bernie on healthcare. Bernie on partisanship being more a media a myth than […]
Jeb Bush claims that he is winning by losing. Bernie Sanders and the data breach controversy. Democrats focus on Donald Trump at the Democratic Debate and ignores the rest of the Republican crazies. Bernie and Hillary clash on regime change. Hillary’s conflicted policy on Syria. The problem with Hillary Clinton’s “no new middle class tax” […]
On today’s M&M Monday (on tuesday) Matt and Michael go on a trip down memory lane and talk about Matt’s four and half years on the Majority Report, compare impressions and everyone wishes Matt a fond farewell. Members make the Majority Report possible. Please join us by becoming a MEMBER. You can also show your support […]