9/13 Debate Wrap-Up & The Art Of The Prank w/ Digby & Chris James

September 13, 2019

Digby (@digby56) and comedian and prank call master Chris James (@theCJS) join us for Casual Friday.

On today’s show: Biden’s teeth fall out.

Digby (@digby56) of Salon.com joins us to break down the Democratic primary debates. The Democratic Party’s move to the left. Biden’s awful reparations answer. Jorge Ramos asks Bernie why he won’t call Maduro a dictator. Beto explains why AR-15 will be a mandatory buyback. NRA Magazine in 1962: AR-15 “for military purposes.” Jamie gives her take on Beto’s framing.

Chris James (@theCJS), comedian and host of the Not Even A Show show on YouTube, joins us to talk pranking right wing media, including: Curt Schilling, JJ McCartney, Roger Stone on Infowars, and the deplorable who shut down his whole call-in operation afterwards.

On the fun half: Warren and Bernie explains the false choice of taxes vs. cost of healthcare. Biden says taxes will go up under Medicare for All. Warren and Bernie ask who likes insurance companies and paying premiums. Biden explains how his Medicare Choice opt in would work. Julian Castro responds to Biden’s opt in, asks “Did you just forget what you said minutes ago?” Trump shares dystopian plan to “clean up” homelessness.

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