6/27 Democratic Debate Night 2: Miami Heat Turns Up w/ the MR Crew

June 27, 2019

Good evening, welcome to the second 2020 Democratic debate watch show with the MR crew! We’re live at 8:50 and will be covering the stage of former VP Joe Biden, VT Senator Bernie Sanders, CA Senator Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, former CO Governor John Hickenlooper, Senator Michael Bennett, Rep. Eric Swalwell, orb mistress Marianne Williamson, and Andrew “Daddy Yangbucks” Yang. We break down the candidate performances and look at who made a splash, who held it together, and who went down in flames.

Bernie comes out strong with “healthcare is a right.” Kamala Harris comes for Biden on race and integration. Bernie connects abortion rights and m4a. Buttigieg addresses the shooting in South Bend. Biden fumbles and gets owned. Hickenlooper warns of the dangers of socialism, repeatedly. Marianne preaches a revolution of love.

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