paul manafort

On today’s show, Fox News focuses on an important emoji story, Paul Manafort admits to lying to the FBI and does badly on TV, George Papadopoulos used Skype to talk to Russia, and Bannon’s foundation planted the HRC uranium story. On the fun half: “Paul Manafort” calls in to defend himself, the Intercept is a Russian […]
Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador and lied about it. Rebecca Kolins Givan, an Associate Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations at Rutgers University, explains the thinking behind the push for privatization. Privatizing profit and socializing risk. Finance and making money off of public health services. The Post Office and rural mail delivery. […]
On today’s show, Michael speaks with Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) on Donald Trump’s alleged connections to Putin and how the media is covering the story. The recent history of Russian oligarchs influencing politics outside Russia, including lobbying in the US. McCain’s ties to Manafort-Davis in 2008, which Mark wrote about at the time. Russia’s notorious aluminum industry as a […]