Sam and Emma discuss the top stories of the week including ongoing infrastructure negotiations, some wins for climate activists, and democrats lining up a legislative agenda post-filibuster.¬† Sam and Emma breakdown the recent memo from Judge Amy Berman Jackson and Bill Barr’s role in not charging Trump following the Mueller report, in which Barr’s justification […]
Paul Ryan wants us to make more babies and Heather Digby Parton (@digby56) joins us to discuss the implications of the AL election, whether Trump is going to fire Mueller, Trump’s chances of impeachment, the Trump admin’s terrifying foreign policy, and police violence in America. Judy Gold then joins us for a Two Minutes Hate […]
Good day! On today’s Majority Report, the MR crew breaks down the news, including: The archbishop of Canterbury doesn’t understand why American evangelicals support Trump, Bill Kristol finds his inner careerist on Twitter, Ben Wittes of the Brookings Institute figures out Trump is bad, and neocon David Frum is equally disingenuous. Come back and talk […]
On today’s show, Fox News focuses on an important emoji story, Paul Manafort admits to lying to the FBI and does badly on TV,¬†George Papadopoulos used Skype to talk to Russia, and Bannon’s foundation planted the HRC uranium story. On the fun half: “Paul Manafort” calls in to defend himself, the Intercept is a Russian […]