3/8 The Democrats’ Massive Democracy-Promoting Bill & Manafort’s Prison Stripes w/Benjamin Dixon

March 8, 2019

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon ) joins us for Casual Friday.

On today’s show: GOP makes reactionary changes to the judiciary. Meghan McCain breaks down in tears over Ilhan Omar’s “scary” Israel comments.

Benjamin P. Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon), founder of ProgressiveArmy.net, joins us to break down the latest news from Washington, including: The Democrats’ sweeping reform bill HR1. Ilhan Omar’s brave stand. Elizabeth Warren’s anti-trust reforms. Paul Manafort’s light prison sentence. And Bernie Sanders’ relationship to black voters.

In the fun half: Class traitor Abigail Disney wants higher taxes. Kirstjen Nielsen has never met a DREAMer. Bernie addresses racial justice at Iowa rally. Doug Collins freaks out about house resolution against evil. Flashback Friday: Bernie in 1989 says media needs to pay attention to “greenhouse gas effect.” Li Yang, owner of massage parlor busted for sex trafficking, hangs with Trump in numerous photos. Laura Ingraham: Migrants should apply for political asylum from ‘safety of your home country.’ Trump official claims seismic air gun tests don’t hurt whales, congressman blasts him with an air horn. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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