Ron Johnson

The biggest mass shooting in American history and why Republicans are now going to push to weaken regulation on gun silencers. The NRA’s terrorism and American’s disgusting relationship with guns and the Republicans disgusting gun policy. On The Fun Half: The role Joe Rogan plays in public discourse. Gun control and public support. Donal Trump’s […]
LA makes a major step towards a living wage as the city moves to raise wages to $15 an hour. The success of the Fast Food workers strikes and the grassroots push for a living wage across the United States. What raising the minimum wage means for most workers. Medicare cuts are going to help […]
The insurance industry warns against the climate crisis. The fight against Fast Track Trade authority in the Senate and the House. Bernie Sanders forces a delay on the Fast Track bill. Sander Levin’s alternative bill in the House on Fast Track authority. Why the far right is ignoring Fast Track and TPP. Hillary Clinton’s fudge […]