election day

Sam and Emma host Daniel Nichanian, creator of What’s On The Ballot, to break down the trends he saw from last Tuesday’s elections, as well as some overlooked races and ballot measures. Moving beyond the top line races last week, such as the governor races in VA and NJ, Daniel walks Emma and Sam through referendums […]
Sam and the crew break down last night’s returns and the battleground states still tabulating. When will the Democratic Party learn that it’s bad politics to compromise with the Republican death cult? Potential 2022 Senate pick-ups for progressives. Drug decriminalization, campaign finance reform, $15 min wage in Florida, and other good ballot measures that succeeded. Are […]
Sam hosts Aaron Kleinman (@BobbyBigWheel), Director of Research at the Future Now Fund, and Ben Wikler (@benwikler), Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair, to discuss what we can expect tomorrow and the days after Election Day. On today’s show: Trump complains about vote counting after Election Day, says people should’ve gotten ballots in already. Aaron Kleinman (@BobbyBigWheel), Director […]
Take our survey @ majoritysurvey.com On today’s show, journalist David Neiwert joins us to discuss Donald Trump and the rise of the radical right. From his years spent reporting on the topic, Neiwert concludes this sentiment has been building for years and Trump is only the most recent apotheosis of it. While some people trace […]