Emma hosts writer Britni de la Cretaz and Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, women’s basketball writer for the Athletic, to discuss their recent book Hail Mary: The Rise and Fall of the National Women’s Football League, and what they’ve uncovered in diving into the history of the league and the women that played in it. D’Arcangelo and de la Cretaz dive into the […]
Sam and Emma host Dave Zirin, sports editor at The Nation, to discuss the politics in sports including the MLB pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta, NCAA athlete pay, and push back on Olympics real estate development in Los Angeles. And in the Fun Half: who will get the windfall of prescription drug savings CMS […]
Sam hosts University of Utah economics professor Marshall Steinbaum (@Econ_Marshall) to discuss the novel class-action lawsuit filed by UFC fighters against the league’s parent company Zuffa, and why Biden should forgive student loan debt. On today’s show: Asked to respond to Bernie Sanders’ criticism of Democrats’ self-negotiating, Manchin says this is a lifeline for people and […]
Sam hosts Howard Bryant (@hbryant42), senior writer at and ESPN the Magazine, to discuss his new book, Full Dissidence: Notes from an Uneven Playing Field.  Plugs and Notices: UPS workers are organizing to protect themselves and each other from Covid-19. Donate here to support their grassroots efforts: Check out this update from Teamsters for a […]
Happy Friday! Sam has a full slate to help recap the week’s top headlines, including, Chris Hayes, David Roth, and Matthew Film Guy! Chris Hayes returns to the Majority Report for his first appearance in three years to discuss the Senate impeachment trial, Alan Dershowitz’s absurd defense of executive power, and what lies ahead for […]
Cliff Schecter explains the victory of Matt Bevin in the Kentucky Governors race. Why Democrats are still failing to explain Obamacare. Why Third Way Democrats keep failing. Why Democrats need to run as populists. Why legalizing Marijuana failed in Ohio. Is it over for Ben Carson? The Ben Carson con artist campaign. Jeb Bush continues […]