4/15 Cliff Schecter: Bernie’s Make Or Break Moment & Andy Kindler: Roasts Dennis Miller

April 15, 2016

Cliff Schecter plays out the politics of Bernie Sanders visit to the Vatican. Sanders moves Clinton on the minimum wage. Why activists need support from Democratic leaders. Bernie Sanders has a breakthrough in rhetoric on Israel/Palestine. Having on honest discussion on the Middle East. Bernie tries to make Hillary take a pledge on Social Security? And why Hillary Clinton isn’t catching up with the upward left wing movement of the party. (13:30)

Andy Kindler hates more pundits and he thinks he could pass for non Jewish. Andy’s exciting new gig and Dennis Miller is the worst and we all make fun of him. (59:15)

On The Fun Half: an update for Right Wing Mandela. Why universal programs are better than targeted ones. (1:39:30)

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