Jeet Heer

It’s Casual Friday! Sam and Emma speak with Jeet Heer, writer at The Nation, to round up the week in news.  First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the US’ unilateral goals for the people of Palestine, the continued attacks on medical and refugee infrastructure in Gaza, the continuing backlash to the US’ role in […]
New Republic Senior Editor Jeet Heer explains why Donald Trump is not a real populist. Why America has distorted the meaning of populism. Richard Hofstadter’s “status anxiety” and the raw reality of power politics. Trump’s economic positions and why his base does not care. Why Trump is the Republican ideal going back to the Reagan […]
Canadian journalist Jeet explains the colonial roots of the Right’s perception of non-white writers. Why the sad case of Dinesh D’souza illustrates the non-white conservative pundit. Racism and upward mobility. Also the links between South Asians and African Americans in the struggle for human rights. Also Walmart finally raises its wages and we explain why. […]