Iran nuclear program

Sam and Emma are joined Derek Davison & Dan Bessner, co-hosts of the American Prestige Podcast. Derek and Dan start off by summarizing the first (almost) 200 days of the Biden Administration’s foreign policy in comparison with their original goals, looking into the continued establishment of liberal internationalism in his cabinet alongside his (slightly delayed) […]
On today’s show: Sam hosts Stephen Wertheim (@stephenwertheim), deputy director of research and policy at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, to discuss Joe Biden’s foreign policy appointees and why the president-elect should resist the Washington establishment’s desire to restore the old foreign policy playbook of intervention and militarized responses abroad. Why we need a better […]
Huffington Post Washington bureau chief explains how President Obama dropped the ball on inequality in his State of the Union, what President Obama’s minimum wage executive order does, what President Obama’s myRA plan is and why Obama’s commitment to veto any new sanctions on Iran may be the biggest moment of the speech. On the Fun […]
Trita Parsi President of the National Iranian American Council explains why the deal between the P5+1 and Iran is historic, what the deal means, the difficulties of a long term agreement, What rights does Iran have under the NPT, why the French held up the deal, why Saudi Arabia and Israel both oppose the deal […]
Feminsting Executive Editor and Fast Food Forward organizer, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, explained the importance of the living wage movement spearheaded by fast food workers in New york City, the danger of how we frame poverty in America, Michelle Obama’s powerful recent speech on guns violence and opportunity and how Anonymous is helping expose rape culture. On […]
On today’s show Council on Foreign Relations Adjunct Fellow Reza Aslan, explained how settlement is expansion is killing the prospect of Two State solution, what the Chuck Hagel hearings revealed about Washington, Iran’s current politics and the best way forward on reaching a nuclear deal with Iran. On The Better Half: George W Bush great painter? […]
Joel Rubin from Ploughshares Fund discusses Iran; the nuclear program, the negotiations and cyber warfare.  Also, cold war