5/5 Robert H Frank: Meritocracy’s Harmful Illusions

May 5, 2016

Robert H Frank a Professor of Economics at Cornel University and author of the new book Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy, explains the danger to the public of the successful not recognizing the role of luck. The time Mitt Romney wished he was Latino. The roles of the luck and the feeling of “deserving”. Gratitude is good for you. How these insights can enhance public policy and fight inequality. Why we need universal social programs. Inequality and what makes people really happy? The availability heuristic and how to shift public policy.

On The Fun Half: listening to Decomposure’s great song Potterville. Bill Kristol gets sneaky with his “Never Trump” commitment. Glenn Beck has a Trump meltdown. Jim Webb for Trump’s VP? Is Donald Trump going to hurt John Mccain and other down ticket Republicans? John Mccain thinks so. Democratic strategists sign on to kill Single Payer healthcare in Colorado. Chris Matthew’s is very attracted to Donald Trump’s wife. Barack Obama fails in Flint and your calls and IMs.

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