12/3 Sarah Jaffe: Fast Food Workers Strike in NYC & Sam Attacks a Plutocrat

December 3, 2012

Freelance journalist Sarah Jaffe, explained the origins of the fast food workers strike in New York City, the logistical challenges of organizing fast food workers, the impossibility of living off of fast food wages, how the strikes grew out of community organizing efforts, the myth of teenage fast food workers and low paying jobs become middle class jobs through organizing.

Sam takes apart a plutocrat on Up With Chris, Obama fundraiser and multi millionaire real estate developer, Donahue Peeples made an disingenuous assertion about the Estate Tax and Sam called him out in epic fashion. Sam gives us the play by play.

On The Better Half: Listeners congratulate Sam for a job well done on Up With Chris, Sam is encourged by the Obama Administration’s new negotiating strategy and Sam remembers TV battles with George Pataki and Thomas Friedman,

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