Eric Cantor

John Marciano author of Whatever Happened to the Metric System?: How America Kept Its Feet, explains revolutionary history of the metric system, the metric system and the demands of global capitalism, how America is already a metric society, Sputnik and the push for an American metric system, the blowback against the conversion to the metric system in the […]
Cliff Schecter explains the shocking defeat of Eric Cantor, how David Brat has fused the religions of Christianity and Libertarianism, why Eric Cantor is such an A Hole, why Republicans will be in greater disarray, Elizabeth Warren to campaign for Alison Lundergan Grimes, Cliff’s pick in the Kentucky Senate race, the time George H.W. Bush […]
The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim explains why Eric Cantor may have been upset in his primary, why we shouldn’t underestimate the “jerk factor”, why Eric Cantor could not control the Tea Party beast, how Eric Cantor beat himself, what Cantor’s loss means for Republican leadership, why the next possible Republican Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy is […]