Zuccotti Park

Ryan Devereaux from the Guardian at New York courthouse waiting appearance of Cecily McMillan, woman who suffered seizure Saturday while cuffed by NYPD,
News and posturing from Iowa: Santorum, Paul, Romney and the others.  Dave Weigel, Slate.com, talks candidates and 
It’s Tuesday and a busy day here in New York! Bloomberg storms Zuccotti Park, evicts the occupation and is rebuffed by courts.  The Majority Report’s very own Jeff Smith (@dontbeaputz) gives his first hand account of events last night. Sam also talks to journalist Harry Siegel (@HarrySiegel) and Lee Papa, aka Rude Pundit (@Rudepundit), both LIVE reporting […]
We are LIVE at Zuccotti Park aka Liberty Plaza today covering Occupy Wall Street! We’ll be talking with protesters and whoever else we run into down there today! As usual listen to the stream before 11:30am just in case we start early, but regardless of that the whole show WILL be up as a podcast […]