Nomiki Konst

Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst), host of The Nomiki Show, recaps the 2020 DNC with special guest Noam Chomsky and a panel discussion with Bhaskar Sunkara (@sunraysunray), founder of Jacobin, and Nabilah Islam (@NabilahforGA07), national organizing director of Matriarch PAC. On today’s show: Bernie explains the problem with the media narrative around AOC’s DNC ‘speech,’ says DNC should […]
Today, showrunner Anthony Lappé on his new documentary series, ‘America’s War on Drugs.” The role of secret wars in American history in the cold war. The CIA’s role in bringing LSD to America. “Operation Condor” in Latin America. Then, Nomiki Konst, currently a correspondent with The Young Turks, updates on us about the ongoing trials […]