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Cliff Schecter explains just how disgusting and stunning it is that Republicans are cutting Amtrak spending the day after last weeks Amtrak crash that caused several deaths. Why the Republicans are undermining the American economy. Why more Amtrak funding would have saved lives. Why increasing infrastructure spending would be a win for everyone. Obama pushes […]
Political strategist Cliff Schecter explains President Obama’s tortured relationship with his AUMF. What authorization President Obama wants in his military campaign against ISIS. War Powers and the erosion of democracy. Mission creep and Iraq. The coming war between House and Senate Republicans. Also David Axelrod says President Obama was lying on being opposed to Marriage […]
Cliff Schecter, explained why Mitch McConnell was always a nightmare, why McConnell’s campaign manager is “holding his nose” working for Mitch, why Mitch is beatable, why Democrats should run on populist economics, the many problems with Cory Booker and why Cliff and Sam want Bill de Blasio for Mayor of New York City. We heard […]