Herman Cain

It’s Casual Friday! Today on the program, we’ll be talking with our favorite Friday regular, Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter). And will we have a movie review?  Hmm, maybe…maybe not. (BREAKING NEWS: Matthew (@langdonboom) from a Bad Situationist will be providing us with movie reviews today!) But we will definitely have a brand new offering from our very […]
Sam’s back with a full show for you today!  David Segal, Demand Progress blogger and former democratic representative from Rhode Island discusses the IP ACT, which could kill the internet. Our very own Jeff Smith (@dontbeaputz) gives us an update on Occupy Wall Street. And, the Cain Train Derails….. Join us! AmericanCensorship.org StopCensorship.org MoveOn.org Say NO to Censorship
Welcome to Hump Day! GUEST: CHRIS HAYES We have lots of news for you today.  Sam will be talking about everything from Occupy Wall Street to the good ship The SS Cain. Join us! Links: Private sector loans, not Fannie or Freddie, triggered crisis link to OccupyTulsa – cops use pepper spray on protestors who […]