Central Park five

Understanding the psychology of domestic abuse the NFL’s disgusting record on domestic abuse, Fox & Friends shocking mockery of the Ray Rice beating video, Fox & Friends demented apology, President Obama set to launch a global war against Isis, did Syrian “moderates” sell murdered journalist to Isis? On The Fun Half: what type of threat […]
Cliff Schecter explains why Dick Cheney needs to be in prison for war crimes now, why Dick Cheney was right about Iraq in 1994, why Dick Cheney is even worse than other war promoters,Cheney’s failures as CEO of Halliburton, the Cheney criminal enterprise, Governor Scott Walker accused of engaging in a criminal scheme, how far […]
Becky Bond the Political Director of this months sponsor Credo Mobile, explained Credo’s history and why its outsider progressive approach is possible, the success of the Credo Super Pac in 2012, Credo’s role in the fight to protect Medicare and Social Security and how Credo puts your dollars to work for good. Filmmaker Ken Burns […]