Bill Scher

Bill Scher debated Matt & Michael on NSA data mining, is the NSA’s surveillance legal?whether or not the program has been effective, has the monitoring been abused? and the role of private contractors in gathering intelligence. Michael explained the new spying revelations, Iran’s presidential election results and what arming the Syrian rebels means. On The […]
Sam and Cliff Schecter explained the enduring importance of the NSA scandal, the incompetence of the intelligence apparatus, the straw man arguments against pushing for transparency, the endless historical examples of abuse of surveillance and a Supreme Court ruling update. Andy Kindler, explained what its like to work with Marc Maron, Kindler gave his perspective […]
Bill Scher executive editor at Liberal Oasis and Sam vigorously debate the virtues of the Obama Administration.  Also, in Occupy news, Occupy Philly in
Happy Hump Day! Joining Sam today, Bill Scher (@BillScher), executive editor for and online campaign manager for Campaign for America’s Future, is here discuss Obama’s speech.  Get ready for a good joust!  And Abby Clark  (@abcclark) from  OccupyOurHomes  reports on yesterday’s nationwide action. In the better half:  Our man on the street Jeff Smith (@dontbeaputz) updates us on his […]