12/7 Obama Occupied, Bill Scher, OccupyOurHomes, Abby Clark

December 7, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Joining Sam today, Bill Scher (@BillScher), executive editor for LiberalOasis.com and online campaign manager for Campaign for America’s Future, is here discuss Obama’s speech.  Get ready for a good joust!  And Abby Clark  (@abcclark) from  OccupyOurHomes  reports on yesterday’s nationwide action.

In the better half:  Our man on the street Jeff Smith (@dontbeaputz) updates us on his day of action yesterday.

And HEALTHCARE  (or lack thereof):  Sam reads some poignant personal accounts.  A disillusioned Obama supporter’s life changes when she finds out she has cancer – so does her perspective on the President.

All that and more!

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Press coverage from yesterday’s OccupyOurHomes action:

http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/262556/20111206/occupy-wall-street-helps-family-foreclosed-home.htm, The New York Times BlogNBC TV New YorkThe Daily IntelVoice of AmericaCNN MoneyWNYC.ORGChannel 13-WNET NY Public TelevisionThe GuardianBloomberg Business WeekCBSMoneyWatch, 

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