5/26 The Legacy Of Violence Against Black Women w/ Treva Lindsey

May 26, 2022

Emma hosts Treva B. Lindsey, professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Ohio State University, to discuss her recent book America, Goddam: Violence, Black Women, and the Struggle for Justice. First, Emma dives into the right pitching the same nonsense solutions to gun violence, addressing anything but guns or violence, Cuellar v Cisneros still being counted, and AOC officially endorses all 13 DSA candidates in New York. Professor Lindsey joins as they first address the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade as a symbol of the compounding crisis faced by Black women, creating the unlivable living that she analyzes in her book, using Alito’s leaked opinion to get right into the extractive and exploitative history of Black women’s reproductive rights, from forced pregnancy to forced sterilization, that remains an actual example of Margaret Atwood’s fantasy world. Next, Professor Lindsey and Emma look to the other factors in these compounding crises, even beyond explicitly sexualized and racialized violence, produced by the social distribution of resources to White upper-class families, and away from Black and lower-class neighborhoods, directly relating to a lack of accessibility to necessary infrastructure, from education to healthcare, before they look to a concrete example that we saw over the pandemic, as the US started a discussion around the importance of “essential workers” only for the empathy to trickle away as it became more and more clear who made up that class (Black people, POC, and women). They also discuss the cynicism around the vaccine as stemming from this history of constant crises of violence, even in the medical industry from the Tuskegee experiments to (again) forced sterilization, and how the lasting stigmas from this world (our world) remain prevalent. After Professor Lindsey tackles the roles of the Criminal Punishment system and environmental exploitation in clamping this nexus of crises into place, they touch on the intimate nature of taking on such a project, and discuss the role of Nina Simone in inspiring the title.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Matt and Brandon as they tackle the Right’s classic response to the school shooting in Texas, as they pitch boogiemen culprits that, while not guns, they ALSO feel uncomfortable addressing. Binder dives into the role of the Right’s transphobia in this, and Ren calls in to discuss the moment of tension that trans folks are in and the beauty that can be found in progressive communities regardless. Brandon, Matt, and Emma, dive deep into a discussion on the violent and clear inaction by police officers that directly lead to the death of children at Robb Elementary, Jonah from CA calls in about trans-advantage in skateboarding, and Dave Rubin embraces wage cuckery, plus, your calls and IMs!
Check out Treva’s book here: https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520384491/america-goddam

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