11/22 Centrist Johnny-Come-Latelys & the First Impeachment w/ Alex Pareene

November 22, 2019

On today’s show, The New Republic‘s Alex Pareene joins us to discuss this week’s impeachment hearings, the late entries into the 2020 Democratic primary, and his latest writings on both impeachment and the Democratic field in the New Republic. After exploring Chris Matthews’ #fartgate scandal, Sam and Pareene dive into why Deval Patrick is entering the Democratic primary so late in the game. No candidate has ever won a primary or caucus after entering the contest so late. Pareene and Sam agree it’s likely that Patrick is in the race to knock Warren’s support in New England. Between New Hampshire’s open primary and Patrick’s broad support in Massachusetts, the former governor could hurt Warren’s chances to win in her region. They also consider whether or not Patrick is in the race to be Joe Biden’s VP pick, who does not seem likely to be a two-term president. And finally, where is Tom Perez? And why are there still ten candidates on the debate stage? Switching gears, Sam and Pareene take a wide-angle look at impeachment, including how it worked during the first impeachment of an American president, Andrew Johnson, and how congress used it as a tool to implement progressive policy during the Reconstruction Era. Sam closes out the show with the essential clips from yesterday’s hearings, including Fiona Hill and David Holmes’ thorough debunking of the conservative media’s most trusted conspiracy theories. 

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