2/26 Cliff Schecter on the GOP Reality Show & Christopher Rosen on Oscar Nominations, Tension

February 26, 2016

Cliff Schecter explains the hilarious and disturbing debacle of the latest Republican debate. The stunted emotional development of the Republican candidates. The Republicans do not debate policy. Why Trump’s wall fantasy tells us everything we need to know about the GOP and mainstream media. The one more Marco Rubio attack on Donald Trump might work. How you can beat Trump and what Bernie and Hillary need to do to beat Trump. (8:45)

Christopher Rosen continues his rise and is now in charge of Entertainment Weekly Online. What does Rosen think of the Best Picture nominations. Why the Revenant will win according to Rosen. Where does Rosen get his info? Sam dismisses Steven Spielberg. Who Rosen thinks will win. Rosen does not documentaries and what is Rosen doing for EW. (49:45)

Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump. The IRS investigates Trump because he is a big Christian. Chris Matthews try to grill Bernie Sanders and your IMs.

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