10/22 Joe Conason: Benghazi & the Hunting of Hillary Clinton

October 22, 2015

Journalist and author of the now free eBook The Hunting of Hillary,  Joe Conason explains the dark and bizarre history behind the Clinton conspiracy industry. Vince Foster’s suicide and why the Right is the Clintons killed him. The evolving nature of the Benghazi scandal and why it migrated from Obama to Clinton. Exposing the Right Wing lie machine. Why The New York Times used to parrot the Right Wing conspiracy machine. How Trey Gowdy has endlessly embarrassed himself during the Benghazi hearings and are Republicans setting themselves up for another backlash just like they did when they impeached Bill Clinton.

On The Fun Half: “Nation of Islam” Obama tells us why Benghazi happened. Mark Levin freaks out about Paul Ryan and Harry Reid’s trolling works. Joe Biden’s dumb call out of Hillary Clinton. Understanding socialism. Jeb Bush says Super Girl is “hot”. Also your calls and IMs.

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