4/13 Hillary Launches Her Campaign & the American Game is Rigged

April 13, 2015

Sam explains why the Patent Trolls have lost and podcasts are safe for now. Hillary Clinton launches her campaign. Why it isn’t unreasonable for people to vote for Hillary because she would be the first woman President. Hillary’s first campaign ad. Ted Cruz’s announcement will make you feel like you are stuck in purgatory. Hillary’s progressive language and Bill Clinton’s populist 1992 campaign. Lincoln Chafee attacks Hillary Clinton foreign policy.

On The Fun Half: Rand Paul does not like women reporters. Rand Paul’s incredible flip flopping. Megyn Kelly asks Rand Paul what his problem. Nepotism and the rigged American game. More good Obamacare news. The Dennis Miller doll and just how crazy things were in the Bush era. A Police Officer kills an unarmed black man while he is handcuffed. Ted Cruz warns against the “Gay Jihad”. Also your calls and IMs.

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