Netroots Nation

A collection of interviews Sam conducted at Netroots Nation 2014, including with RJ Eskow a Senior Fellow at Campaign For America’s Future, progressive Senate candidate Shenna Bellows explains why she is taking on Susan Collins in the Maine Senate race, Michelle Swartzof the Alliance For Justice  and for Members only! an interview from the Air America days with the […]
Journalist Charlie Pierce explains his family history and the immigrant experience, the humanitarian crisis at the US Mexico border, how our policies in Central America helped create a culture of violence, Republican Affordable Care Act delusions, the state of Netroots and Elizabeth Warren’s attack on “free trade”. Stephanie Kelton ssociate Professor and Chair of the […]
From Netroots Nations journalist David Dayen explains the evolution of Netroots Nation, the shift from outsider to insider status at Netroots Nation, voters verse interest group blocks, Andrew Cuomo’s sleazy Wall Street coverup as New York Attorney General and will Karen Lewis run against Rahm Emanuel for Chicago Mayor? Jay Tomlinson of Best of the […]
On today’s show Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, explained why demographics and cultural trends favor progressive politics. David Dayen & Digby discussed the landscape of Netroots politics, how Twitter and Facebook disrupted the blogging model, the NSA scandal and why the institutions of Washington fail in monitoring the military industrial complex. Credo’s Political Action Director […]