Las Vegas

Attorney Peter Mougey, explains how the pharmaceutical industry profits from the opioid crisis. The revolving door and how the DEA and Congress are compromised by industry interests. Where money is lost in the process and where money should be spent? And how Wall Street exploits Puerto Rico. Attorney Micah Adkins, explains he is working on […]
Journalist and author Max Blumenthal explains the Western drive for a “clash of civilizations” and the why of the rise of neofascist candidates in Western politics. The Obama era and the national security state. The proxy war in Syria. Multiple war crimes by all factions in Syria. Is history repeating itself? Terrorism and what happens […]
David Huyssen, a Lectuer at Yale University and author of Progressive Inequality: Rich and Poor in New York, 1890–1920, the historical mixed records of progressive reformers of the 19th century, the surge in industrial violence in the 1880s and 1890s, modern state violence and inequality, progressives and “instructing” the poor, when the wealthy paid to watch the poor […]