James Clapper

James C. Goodale¬†attorney the New York Times during the release Pentagon Papers explained why the defense establishment always defends secrecy, why President Obama has been played by the national security state, why secrecy is distinct from confidentiality, the Nixonian roots of today’s attacks on Edward Snowden and how aggressive the Obama Administration has been against […]
Journalist, Radley Balko, explained the rise of “warrior cops” why the “wars” on “drugs” and “terrorism” have militarized the police, how the “drug war” brought battle field weapons to America’s streets, how Swat Teams became normalized, the corporate special interests that profit from warrior cops and the debate on how to reform the system. On […]
Sam went solo today and explained why Edward Snowden isn’t the main story, the market for private spying and data collection, why the Patriot Act’s implementation is a fundamental challenge to democratic culture, how the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied the Senate and how corporations profit from the military industrial complex. On The […]