Alyona Minkovski

On today’s show Alyona Minkovski, (@AlyonaMink) of joins us. What we can learn from the transparently propagandistic motivations for the Nunes memo. The democrats unsurprisingly cozying up to the national security state and what’s troubling about that. What is actually worrying about domestic spying policies that have bipartisan support. On the fun half – […]
Huffpost Live’s Alyona Minkovski, explains what’s happening on the ground in Cleveland. The many, many groups protesting Donald Trump and the Republican Convention. How safe is it outside the convention and will the press coverage demonstrations and how brutal will the Police be? We hear from “Kathrine Harris”, Judy Gold, listen to a bizarre and […]
Alyona Minkovski and Sam compare notes of disappointment on Obama Administration.  Film Guy Matthew Weiss has movie recommendations and