12/12 The Trial Of The Century Is A Secret No More w/ Luke Goldstein

December 12, 2023

It’s News Day Tuesday! But first, Sam and Emma speak with Luke Goldstein, writing fellow at The American Prospect, to discuss his reporting on the Google antitrust trial. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the US’ concerns about Israel’s use of their war crime instruments for war crimes, Biden’s concerning statements about Jewish safety in the US, the UAW focusing in on Honda, Hyundai, and VW, and the House GOP taking on Joe Biden – to the Senate GOP’s chagrin – before parsing through the unsurprising resolution to Texas’ Supreme Court abortion battle, as the at-risk mother is forced to escape the state. Luke Goldstein then joins, diving right into a quick overview of the more minor of Google’s two recent anti-trust cases – Epic Games’ suit over their app store monopoly – before setting up the discussion on the primary case surrounding their lucrative (and incredibly secretive) dealings to maintain Google as the default search engine on smartphones – with a particular emphasis on the massive tradeoffs with Apple to stifle even the option to change your default service. After tackling the genuinely absurd cost of this monopoly, Goldstein walks through the actual evolution of this court battle, with Google’s (largely successful) attempts to control the public narrative around it – through intimidation, closed-court filings, and more – only getting stifled by journalists (not the DOJ prosecution) finally speaking out against it. Wrapping up, Luke, Sam, and Emma tackle the potential reversion of US anti-trust culture to a pre-Borkian era, and what the future of the FTC and US anti-trust policy may hold. Sam and Emma conclude the first half by highlighting the genuine insanity that is Joe Biden loudly declaring that Jews cannot and will not be safe in the US without the existence of Israel.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch another phenomenal showing by Climate Defiance, Jake Tapper hits James Comer with biting critiques where he asks for proof and evidence, and Kaitlan Collins presses Ron Johnson on Wisconsin fake electors. Stephen Colbert goes toe-to-toe with Liz Cheney on whether her white supremacist party is racist, Mason from Texas discusses his relationship with Moms for Liberty, Carlos from Texas tackles Lady Ballers, and the rubble of Project Veritas manages to crumble even further. Also, JD Vance and Bannon beef over Social Security cuts, plus, your calls and IMs!

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