11/22 The Undeniable Right Wing Hate Machine

November 22, 2022

Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. First, Sam and Emma dive into local responses to the Arizona voting issues, with two counties not named Maricopa refusing to certify results because of what happened in Maricopa, and the massive statement issued by Ehsan Hajsafi, captain of the Iranian soccer team, in the wake of his country’s ongoing political repression. Next, they parse through more updates on the horrors that occurred at Club Q in Colorado Springs this weekend, including the Right’s refusal to acknowledge their rhetoric’s stochastic impact, as they double down on their concerted effort to stoke transphobia and violence, criticizing the victims of the mass shooting and as well as any amount of empathy passed their way, also diving into a recent interview between Chris Rufo and Tucker Carlson that perfectly encapsulates how the GOP has gone about marking transgender and homosexual people as threats to our children while capitalizing on various elements of liberal institutions to legitimize them.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Bret Weinstein grapple with having to debate with someone who thinks he is wrong, dive a little deeper into Kari Lake and Co’s election shenanigans, and discuss the really incredible UAW and education organizing going on across the US. Jack from Brooklyn discusses grappling with news-inflicted depression, CJ from Illinois explores the GOP’s failed midterms bigotry, and Kowalski gives updates on whether vegans get the pass and his general well-being. Sam dives into a new song lyric he heard on the radio and Allison in Rhode Island asks how the poverty caps for social welfare are determined, plus, your calls and IMs!

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