10/25 News Day Tuesday!

October 25, 2022

Sam and Emma break down the day’s biggest headlines. Then they are joined by adult film actors Xander Corvus, Summer Hart, and Queen Ava to discuss their work with Sex Workers Mutual Aid Las Vegas (SWAID), a worker collective for sex workers. Emma and Sam first run through updates on the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ statement on diplomatic efforts to end Russia’s invasion, Ron Johnson’s big ROI on trust fund tax cuts, and why the White House should get rid of the debt ceiling, before diving deep into an MSNBC sit down with Pittsburgh-area Trump voters to discuss January 6th – which they see as a “Reichstag” moment. Next, they cover Bernie’s recent tour through his wheelhouse (Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Michigan, etc) to build the progressive hype train as the rest of the Democratic party flounders, also parsing through the importance of shifting the conversation to the GOP’s cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and why Fox News is working their asses off to pretend that the conversation doesn’t actually exist. Continuing the conversation on Social Security and Medicare, Sam dives into the nature of discretionary and non-discretionary funding, the massive impact of a payroll tax cap with inflamed wealth disparity, and how the right actually plans to take these institutions down. Then, Xander, Summer, and Ava join as they get right into the impetus for the creation of a mutual aid organization in the sex work community, starting in Las Vegas at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as studios and clubs shut down and consumers had less and less money to spend, and leveraging the aim and reach of the community to pool resources to best reduce harm in their community. They explore the myriad elements of SWAID’s work, including microgrants and providing myriad harm reduction supplies – from internal/external condoms and plan b to clean needles, Narcan, and fentanyl test strips – as well as building networks of solidarity and support within a largely marginalized community. Xander, Summer, and Ava also explore the importance of mutual aid’s emphasis on solidarity over charity in a community where outside engagement is so commonly rooted in a savior complex, before they wrap up the interview by tackling the biggest obstacles SWAID faces, what the MR audience can do to help them in their efforts, and how their project hopes to promote the cultivation of these networks nationwide.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Bernie sit down with a Finnish Ambassador to discuss Finland’s suspicious lack of student debt. Marjorie Taylor Greene disrespects her elders and promotes murder, and Sam dives into what, exactly, makes the effective tax rate so effective. They also parse through Mike Johnson’s Federal “Don’t Say Gay Bill” as the right begins to target ANY sexually-oriented material. Dylan from Oregon talks about local gubernatorial races and the right’s exploitation of the homelessness crisis, the CPC revokes their statement on being pro-diplomacy, and Jen from Nebraska talks Herschel Walker and dubious medicinal practices. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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