10/3 The Deep U.S. Roots Of White Supremacy w/ Donald Yacovone

October 3, 2022

Sam and Emma host Donald Yacovone, Associate at the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University, to discuss his recent book Teaching White Supremacy: America’s Democratic Ordeal and the Forging of Our National Identity. First Emma dives into Lula taking a lead in the Brazilian Presidential election heading into the Runoffs, SCOTUS starting up a new term, and details emerging about the “Perla” character who led DeSantis’ human trafficking stunt apparently working as a Counter Intelligence agent for the US army, before diving deeper into the massive movement that has brought Lula to this moment in Brazilian history. Donald Yacovone then joins as he dives right into the history of American erasure of African (and African-American) History all the way up to the recent Christian Right’s struggle against “Critical Race Theory.” He and Emma begin by exploring the election of Obama as a clear marker of how far we have come in race relations in the US, and how little has changed within the forces of White Supremacy, before jumping back to explore how an entire American identity came to be founded on a fictitious creation (race). Yacovone then explores how, despite slavery largely being an institution of the Southern US, the ideology of White Supremacy was born in the North, with abolitionist activists grounding their personal beliefs in the fact that Black people are of a lower level of human, while some of the most innovative New York City capitalists capitalized on the belief that Black folks were designed by nature and god to do white man’s work. They then dive into how the post-reconstruction era cemented the role of White Supremacist ideology in United States’ education, as a reactionary impulse to seeing Black folks integrate into society and become successful led to the White Elite in the US pushing textbooks that espoused the “Lost Cause” ideology (yes, coined in the North) and denounced integration, before they wrap up the interview by exploring how this element of American education continues to this day – with makeshift “slave auctions” still occurring as part of “lesson plans,” – and the importance of addressing this corruption in one of our most integral institution on a national level.

And in the Fun Half: Emma takes a call with Jesse from the Hudson Valley on the Right’s exploitation of certain insecurities, explores DeSantis’ takes on the non-existent looking occurring in Florida as he attempts to turn ire away from natural disasters and towards Black and poor people, and dives deeper into the story of DeSantis’ “Perla.” A caller discusses meeting the GOP at their Bad Faith, Candace Owens says all gay people were abused, just like furries, and the crew explores Marjorie Taylor Greene’s role in pushing the fake story on the murder of a conservative teen, plus, your calls and IMs!

Check out Donald’s book here: https://www.harvard.com/book/teaching_white_supremacy/

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