9/6 Could The Republicans Really Screw Up The Midterms?

September 6, 2022

The MR Crew is back after the long weekend! Sam & Emma break down the biggest headlines of the week. First, they run through updates on Israel admitting to the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh, and Emma’s upcoming E-S-V-N program, before diving into Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves’ tone-deaf response to the complete breakdown of Jackson’s water infrastructure, uplifting the exact path of privatization that got them here and consistently results in a lack of accountability to the people being served (as seen in Flint). Next, Emma and Sam dive into Judge Aileen Cannon putting a spoke in the wheel of the DOJ’s investigation into Trump’s removal of top-secret documents from the White House, walking through the absurdity of Donald Trump’s argument for a “special master,” why that role is just redundant in the wake of the FBI’s filtration, and where the case is likely to go from here, before wrapping up that discussion by tackling the DOJ’s 60-day-rule and how this change will hinder the investigation’s development before the midterms. They also look at Trump’s glowing endorsement of “that guy for representative” (he means Dr. Oz) and his beef with Howard Schultz over who hates democracy more, the Senate’s return to session and the possibility of upcoming shutdowns and reconciliation, and the devolution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine into a war of attrition, much to the appreciation of liberal hawks.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emm take a call with John from San Antonio as they run through various updates on the midterms, looking at the biggest flips for Democrats, which seats they have to save, and what races are in the bag, and Jason from Minnesota explores how MR avoids the grift ™. They also discuss the trajectory of fascism in the US and abroad, whether calling fascists fascist is the true fascism, and the inflammatory nature of climate change when it comes to this problem. Lauren Boebert reflects on her well-paying childhood jobs, Ren from Oregon dives into the beautiful and overwhelming success of the #DropKiwiFarms campaign. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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