7/15 Examining Strategic Racism and Racism Profiteers w/ Jim Freeman

July 15, 2021

Emma hosts Jim Freeman, director of the Social Movement Support Lab, to discuss his new book, Rich Thanks to Racism: How the Ultra-Wealthy Profit From Racial Injustice, to discuss the hidden strategies behind systemic racism in America. Freeman walks through his concept of strategic racism and how the U.S. Government refuses to properly address policies that result in racialized violence and inequity due to the economic benefits for the ultra-wealthy. Looking at organizations like ALEC and the Heritage Foundation, and individuals such as Charles Koch and Bill Gates, Emma and Jim walk through how neoliberal policy has followed the interests of private actors. They look at the recent movement to privatize education through charter schools and vouchers as a unifying development for billionaires writ large, bringing together Gates and Koch, despite their vastly different public personas, and completely devastating the public educate systems in poorer Black and brown communities, and discuss the role of the carceral state in both financially benefitting capitalists with slave labor and maintaining docility to the status quo. Freeman also looks into how the brutally violent suppression tactics of the criminal justice system serve as a blueprint for both immigration policy and the military-industrial complex, before Emma and he round out the interview with the importance of reframing the conversation around the structural reinforcement of profit despite pain and recognizing the importance of widespread solidarity and coalition. Emma finishes up the show by focusing on the absurd coverage of the Cuba protests among the right, ignoring the horrors of the multi-decade-long U.S. embargo that has maintained economic sanctions through an international pandemic and, unsurprisingly, going straight for the Bay of Pigs pt. 2.

And in the Fun Half: Emma, Brandon, and Matt discuss Newsmax’s weird centering of baseball and football in a rant on the U.S.’s impact on the geopolitical realm, Spike Lee going full bitcoin bro in his politics and carnival barker in his fashion sense, and Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer’s thread on the inherently pro-capitalist nature of crypto. Next, the crew covers Candace Owen’s new talk show and her pitch of communism being the true infection of Covid-19, before Dave from Jamaica discusses the false promise of the 21st-century space race, and Robert from Louisiana gives an anti-welfare argument possibly more confusing and condescending than the actual U.S. welfare system, plus, your calls and IMs!

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