1/8 Trump Finally Admits He’s Out, Victory in GA & What The MAGA Riots Portend w/ Ben Dixon

January 8, 2021

Sam hosts Ben Dixon of the Benjamin Dixon Show (@BenjaminPDixon) to discuss a historic week where Georgia run-off brought Democrats control of the legislature and MAGA diehards stormed the US capitol, the first breach since 1814.

On today’s show: Trump addresses nation (via Twitter) day after protests, concedes election.

Ben Dixon of the Benjamin Dixon Show (@BenjaminPDixon) joins Sam to discuss the news of the week, including: the role of black voters in GA Senate elections. Did m4a and defund work against  Dems in GA? Joe Manchin’s opposition to the $2k checks: will it make a “red-brown alliance” more likely?

On the fun half: Checking in on Mike Cernovich. Frank Lutz Trump 2020 voter focus group devolves into shouting match, can’t agree on what’s happened. Citing the American Revolution, Rush Limbaugh implicitly endorses political violence. Dave Rubin says it might have been Antifa breaking down windows at the capitol, we don’t know, people are shouting “no Antifa!” Bernie says Democrats need to act decisively and wield power while they control the executive, House, and Senate: “No ifs buts or maybes.” Trump mob chases Lindsey Graham from airport terminal: “traitor!” Jimmy Dore loses it over Force the Vote criticism, says people should be nice to him. MAGA rioter gets arrested, his grandma sarcastically thanks Trump. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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