10/12 The American Struggle to Make Banking Democratic w/ Christopher Shaw

October 12, 2020

Sam hosts historian and policy analyst Christopher Shaw (@chris_w_shaw) to discuss his new book Money, Power, and the People: The American Struggle to Make Banking Democratic on how early 20th century finance shaped politics and grassroots mobilization.

On today’s show: The Progressive era as a response to the (first) Gilded Age. The role the labor movement played in extracting concessions from the bankers and setting financial policy. How Huey Long pushed FDR from the left on things like the FDIC and Glass Steagall, which would prevent bank runs and stabilize the economy. Are there any grassroots movements to democratize banking today?

SATURDAY: Trump says mail-in ballots are a problem, “crooked ballots,” says Trump ballots are thrown out, says law enforcement are watching.

On the fun half: Mike Lee, without a mask, says judicial branch is apolitical, not coequal, judiciary is least dangerous branch. Mike Lee tweet about “rank democracy.” Sheldon Whitehouse says ACB hearing is microcosm of Covid pandemic, talks about ACA. Are there any short-term reforms of the SCOTUS that orient toward a horizon in which it’s abolished?The predictable reason Biden doesn’t want to pack the courts. Footage from Mike Pence rally at The Villages senior community in Florida. Larry Kudlow says we’re learning to live with the virus and protecting the vulnerable as death tolls climbs 215k and infection rate rises over 50k daily. Lindsey Graham acknowledges Senate will vote for Barrett nomination after election, that ACB confirmation is unprecendented, but also says it’s constitutional. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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