8/5 Big Tech Antitrust & Tuesday’s Primaries w/ David Dayen & Aaron Kleinman

August 5, 2020

Sam hosts David Dayen (@ddayen), Executive Editor of The American Prospect, to discuss last week’s Big Tech antitrust hearings in the House and what a real investigation could do. Then Sam hosts Aaron Kleinman (@BobbyBigWheel) of the Future Now Fund to discuss yesterday’s primaries and his predictions for the fall elections.

On today’s show: Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida unemployment was designed to create roadblocks. Throwback: Woman shames Rick Scott at Starbucks in 2016.

David Dayen (@ddayen), Executive Editor of The American Prospect, joins Sam to discuss last week’s Big Tech antitrust hearings in the House and what a real investigation could do. How tech giants like Facebook have violated antitrust laws and why they are confident they won’t be stopped. What would it look like to break up Facebook, Amazon, and Google? How anti-trust measures could be carried out using our legal and regulatory system. Measures being taken to undermine the US postal service.

Aaron Kleinman (@BobbyBigWheel) of the Future Now Fund joins Samto to discuss yesterday’s primaries and his predictions for the fall elections. Dem voters want to see a sense of urgency, GOP voters want to see a sense of crazy, and other identifiable trends. Suburban liberals moving to the left. Dems starting to recuperate the white working class. Which progressive races will donations make the biggest impact on?

On the fun half: Trump says he wants schools open in the fall, says children are almost immune. Trump’s understanding of mail in voting vs. absentee ballots is a mish mosh of Fox News talking points. Brian Kilmeade tries to explain why Trump tweeted about Florida mail-in ballots. Ted Cruz says he’s unveiling new stimulus bill, complains about spending, says GOP can never be Santa Claus. Tommy Tuberville says we’d get more done with just Trump running govt, trillion dollars is too much spending. Cori Bush after winning her primary against Lacy Clay: We’re a united mass movement that demands change. Dennis Prager says social distancing business measures seem like 1920s speakeasies. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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