4/8 Bernie Concedes But The Fight Goes On w/ Josh Orton & Nomiki Konst

April 8, 2020

Josh Orton (@joshorton), National Policy Director and Senior Advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign, Michael Brooks (@_michaelbrooks) of ‘The Michael Brooks Show’ and Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) of ‘The Nomiki Show’ join Sam to discuss the end of the Bernie Sanders campaign and break down today’s headlines. Jamie Peck of ‘The Antifada’ is also back on mic!

On today’s show: Josh Orton, formerly of the Majority Report and more recently of the Bernie Sanders campaign, joins us to discuss the campaign’s accomplishments and what we can learn from its trajectory. Michael Brooks, Nomiki Konst, and Jamie Peck also join Sam for a roundtable discussion on why the Sanders campaign was ultimately unsuccessful and where the progressive left should go from here if it wants to build power. The establishment wing of the Democratic Party may have won this round, but changing demographics, emerging grassroots networks, and rising labor unrest point in some exciting directions for the future.

John King on CNN says Bernie should have said more nice things about Biden when conceding. Trump explains all the ways people cheat through mail-in ballots, but it’s fine if he does it, “because I’m allowed to.” Joe Biden says he should’ve followed his gut and advocated for moving the WI election two days after dodging the same question. Milwaukee voters waiting in line share stories of how they were denied mail-in ballots. Wisconsin Assembly speaker in full PPE: “It’s safe to vote!” Doctor says research may be misleading re: the need to treat Covid-19 with ventilators.

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