12/10 Green New Deal: The Urgent Realism of Radical Change & the New NAFTA Folly w/ Robert Kuttner

December 10, 2019

Robert Kuttner (@rkuttnerwrites), founder and editor of The American Prospect, joins us. Read his piece on the Green New Deal here.

On today’s show: FBI director Chris Wray acknowledges FISA errors but confirms FBI acted properly in launching campaign. Trump is shocked how badly the FBI behaved during the investigation. Trump on IG report: “This was an overthrow of government.”

Robert Kuttner (@rkuttnerwrites), founder and editor of The American Prospect, joins us to discuss the Green New Deal and the necessity of radical change on a relatively short time frame. The political realities that make “de-growth” a less viable option. How the GND will echo the New Deal’s regional development policies. The speed with which such a program will need to be enacted and the perfect storm of electoral victories and grassroots action that will be required to make it possible. The obstacles posed by corporate Democrats and the possibility of an alliance between leftists and left-liberals.

On the fun half: Schiff summarizes intel evidence as they pertain to impeachment articles. Schiff says we can’t wait for the courts, the importance of free and fair elections. Jerry Nadler: Trump has already sought interference in each of his elections. Pelosi declares passing USMCA as a victory for the American people. Wilbur Ross: Democrats only passed USMCA because they wanted to bury damning IG report. Kevin McCarthy: Democrats should have passed USMCA sooner. Chris Cilizza buys GOP strategy hook, line and sinker. Lee Fang attempts to interview Devin Nunes on Lev Parnas. Howard Stern says Kissinger was the gold standard for Secretary of State in modern America. Hillary Clinton and Howard Stern mock Bernie’s 2016 campaign promises, compare them to chocolate milk. Sick veteran updates Bernie on his medical debt in touching moment at rally. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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