10/29 Make America Radical Again w/ Harvey J. Kaye

October 29, 2019

Harvey J Kaye (@harveyjkaye), Professor of Democracy at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and author of Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again, joins us.

On today’s show: John Yoo and Laura Ingraham insinuate Vindman is a double agent.

Harvey J Kaye (@harveyjkaye), Professor of Democracy at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, joins us to discuss his book, Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again. Max Lerner and the tradition of the “Marxist Democrat.” The similarities our current crisis bears to that of the 1930s. FDR as political vehicle for worker self-activity. How Bernie Sanders has updated FDR’s economic bill of rights. Thomas Paine’s radical impulse. Bernie says “damn right” establishment Dems will support his agenda once he’s in.

On the fun half: Fox says millennials support socialism because they have a “poverty mindset.” Iraqi president dismayed by Trump’s statements on Kurds’ status. Kevin McCarthy says that even though Dems are starting a formal inquiry, it’s still a sham. Kilmeade also insinuates Vindman’s loyalty should be questioned. Former Congressman Sean Duffy questions Vindman’s loyalty to America. TP USA debuts Instagram pop culture show, “POPLITICS.” Jesse Lee Peterson says he’d moderate a debate between Sam and Steven Crowder. CBP changing communications policy, acting commissioner says “every state is a border state.” Jeremy Corbyn lays out Boris Johnson’s long list of lies. Plus, your calls!

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