5/8 Trump’s Taxes Reveal A Broken System & More States Effectively Ban Abortion

May 8, 2019

The MR crew breaks down the news.

On today’s show: Trump’s taxes show over $1 billion in losses. Fox and Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt is impressed by all the things Trump has done in his life; Brian Kilmeade defends Trump’s losses as “smart business.” “Heartbeat” abortion ban passes in GA. 11-year-old rape victim in OH will be forced to carry pregnancy to term due to “heartbeat bill.” Time to break some laws? Nancy Pelosi tells WaPo Trump is making himself “self impeachable.” Jerry Nadler says we are currently in a constitutional crisis. US threatens new sanctions as Iran withdraws from part of nuclear deal.

On the fun half: Seth Meyers asks Meghan McCain if people need to be more careful in their critiques of Ilhan Omar. McCain’s husband Ben Domenech blasts Seth Meyers on Twitter. Dave Rubin claims he never said Stefan Molyneux was part of the political center. Except in this video from 2016. Comedian Nick Di Paolo apologizes for giving the finger to dead Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin Moye in promo image, brags about trending on Twitter the same day as Sandra Bland. Sam spills the tea on Di Paolo, plays a clip of his appearance in “Beat Cops” (2003). Bernie Sanders takes Duke Cunningham to task for saying “homos in the military” in 1995. Uber driver explains need for strike in Bernie Sanders ad. Grover Norquist falsely claims the Trump tax cuts are popular, sputters about lower corporate taxes and utility bills.

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