3/5 How the IRS Was Gutted w/ Paul Kiel

March 5, 2019

Investigative reporter Paul Kiel (@paulkiel) joins us to discuss his new co-authored piece for Pro Publica, ‘How the IRS Was Gutted.’

On today’s show: Dan Bongino says nobody accused Trump of racism before he was a Republican.

Investigative reporter Paul Kiel (@paulkiel) joins us to discuss his new co-authored piece for Pro Publica, ‘How the IRS Was Gutted.’ In this piece, Kiel details the GOP’s successful campaign to slash the IRS’ budget and hamstring its ability to collect taxes, resulting in billions less for social spending. Good news for the wealthy and corporations, bad news for the 99%.

Hannity points out Bernie’s hypocrisy: “Wants open borders but uses fences.”

On the fun half: Right-wing activist at WV state house brandishes wildly Islamophobic sign about Ilhan Omar. Bari Weiss claims anti-Semitism on the left is worse than the right. Ilhan Omar tells supporters not to worry about her, she has survived war. Is it bad for movies to humanize evil figures like Dick Cheney? Jeff Merkley announces he is NOT running for president. Poppy Harlow lies about GOP oversight of Trump admin the past two years. Gabe Sherman says Rupert Murdoch wanted Trump to investigate ex-wife Wendy about her being a Chinese spy. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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