2/4 Speaker of the NYC City Council on Amazon & Housing w/ Corey Johnson

February 4, 2019

New York City City Council Speaker Corey Johnson (@CoreyinNYC) joins us.

On today’s show: Trump says national anthem protests should be done on players’ own time, brags about passing criminal justice reform.

Corey Johnson (@CoreyinNYC), Speaker of New York City Council and acting public advocate, joins us to discuss the Amazon deal. From underperforming schools to a cash-starved public transit system, New York City is greatly in need of public funds. And yet, the city is about to hand over $3 billion in tax subsidies to the world’s richest man as part of the Amazon HQ2 deal. Johnson goes over how this happened, why it’s a bad deal, and what we can do to fight it, as well as steps politicians should take to reduce the influence of corporate money.

A video ode to MR’s love affair with AOC.

On the fun half: John Lovett’s “nuance” on Medicare-for-all obfuscates why we really need a universal program. Elizabeth Warren backs off true m4a. John from San Antonio on why single-payer is the only answer. Ralph Northam nearly moonwalks before his wife steps in. Sherrod Brown says we don’t deal with race in this country, plus we have a racist president. Two Twitter accounts battle over who’s the real Turning Points UK and who’s the impostor. How should AOC respond to charges that Corbyn is anti-Semitic? Why is the left more fragmented than the right? Kamala Harris’ race issues. How should young people approach running for office?

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