10/9 Sam Live From Vegas: Thom Hartmann, Peter Mougey & Josh Young

October 9, 2014

Radio host and author Thom Hartman explains new research on how to reach conservatives on the climate crisis, do we need to fight climate change to “protect the American way of life”? The difference between the liberal and conservative minds, using conservative memes to fight climate change, how and why we can rebuild the American grid and the battle between private and public good in reversing climate change.

Attorney Peter Mougey of Levin Papantonio explains why regulation isn’t working in America, Wall Street and regulatory capture, why fines on Wall Street make no difference, how the financial sector is threatening pension systems across America, why the big banks get away with everything, Eric Holder’s pro corporate legacy, why we need trial lawyers in regulation and UBS’s Puerto Rico retirement scam.

Josh Young author of And Give Up Showbiz?: How Fred Levin Beat Big Tobacco, Avoided Two Murder Prosecutions, Became a Chief of Ghana, Earned Boxing Manager of the Year, and Transformed American Law explains the amazing life of attorney Fred Levin and his incredible role in brining down big tobacco.

On The Fun Half: decentralizing energy, how will Sam will win his money back in Vegas, the importance of tort cases and holding corporations accountable and your calls and IMs.

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